Inglés/Vocabulario/De turismo


Tourist: Excuse me! Could you tell me where the British Museum is?

Londoner: Go down that street and turn left.

Tourist: Where do you mean?

Londoner: Beside the payphone. Do you see it?

Tourist: Oh, yes. Thank you.

Londoner: You're welcome.

Tourist: Do you know how long it is open for?

Londoner: I don't know, sorry.

Tourist: And, how much does it cost?

Londoner: It is free, but you may donate some money at the entrance if you wish to.

Tourist: Wonderful. Thank you very much.

Londoner: No problem. Have a nice day!

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where dónde

straight derecho

turn doblar

beside al lado

payphone cabina telefónica

how long cuanto tiempo

free sin costo