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Blender is a capable tool for every single one of these processes. There’s quite a lot there, isn’t there? But don’t be too intimidated: this Wikibook will take things step by step, and you will be able to produce some fun stuff from early on.
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* {{Wikipedia-inlineenlínea|3DRenderizado rendering3D}}
* {{Wikipedia-inlineenlínea|ComparisonComparación ofde 3Dsoftware computerde graphicsgráficos softwarepor computadora en 3D}}
* {{Wikipedia-inlineenlínea|Computer-generatedImagen imagerygenerada por computadora}}
* {{Wikipedia-inlineenlínea|DepthPercepción perceptionde profundidad}}
* [http://archive.blender.org/features-gallery/gallery/index.html BlenderGalería Artde Galleryarte de Blender]
* [http://www.blender.org/ BlenderPágina Homepageprincipal de Blender]
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