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m (resalto palabras del diálogo que se reflejan en vocabulario)
Client: Hello.
Waiter: May I '''serve''' you?
Client: Yes, thank you. We would like to '''eatorder''' two '''lunchmeals''', menusplease.
Client's son: I want to eat '''fish and chips'''.
Client: And I will eat a '''piece''' of '''pie'''.
Client: An '''orange juice''' for my son and a '''red wine''' for me.
Waiter: Will you eat any '''dessert'''?
Client: Yes, bring us a '''strawberry icecream''' and a '''milkricerice pudding''', please.
Waiter: All right, would you like something else?
Client: Yes, please. Where is the '''toilet'''?
Waiter: At the end of the corridor.
Client: Thank you.
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